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 RM-Tec Beaked Point Hooks -11%

RM-Tec Beaked Point Hooks

Once the Beaked Point goes in it stays in! A deadly efficient hook that is perfect for a bottom bait..

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 RM-Tec Chod Hooks -14%

RM-Tec Chod Hooks

A super strong hook with a 25 degree upturned eye, the RM-Tec Chod Hook is ideal for any rig that in..

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 RM-Tec Curved Shank Hooks -11%

RM-Tec Curved Shank Hooks

Suitable for all kinds of carp rigs, the Curved Shank is a great all-rounder and provides excellent ..

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 RM-Tec Straight Point Hooks -11%

RM-Tec Straight Point Hooks

PRODUCT FEATURESStraight ShankNeedle-Sharp Straight PointStraight EyeForged BendUnique RM-Tec GunMet..

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